Here meet Timnah she is a lady who has left here home in the UK to go and help disadvantaged children in Kenya. Timnah has a background in working with people with special needs and has such a heart for children.

Raised in both wales and Birmingham she has felt that her future is held in the country of Kenya. Since moving there she has helped in a home for children helped within another children safe house and is a present is funding children in their school life. As you can see i do not use the word working as at this moment in time although many people would like here to work with them as she has no work visa, which is being sort and should have some news soon early Feb 2016, so Timnah just helps as a tourist.

Over the past 5 years a church with whom i have the oversight in North wales has bought a piece of Land just outside the Town of Glgal to build an home for street children. At writing this note building is not going forward as we are waiting for others to build in this area. It is considered unsafe for us to build our home at present to be occupied by a single white lady on her own so we are waiting others to build.

However our work goes on in Gilgal Timnah gives here time in what is called the safe house. This is what it says a safe house for children. It means a place that the police can put street children in or runaways so they will be safe. It is a means to keep away from people who would want to abuse them and from families who would want to marry their daughters off at a very young age.

Life is so different here but the same issues still dominate the headlines. Children still need help and so do the handicap. So here we are giving our help and support as much as we can.

You too can be part of the difference that can come to the lives of these people. Why not help us in our support of Timnah and the children that she cares for. Your GIFT can make a difference so make the difference in the life of a child today.

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