Chuck Missler Learn the Bible in 24 hours Hour 2 Creation and the Fall of Man (FULL)

This session covers the creation and the fall of mankind as described in the Book of Genesis chapters 1 to 3. This video by no means belong to me, no copyright infringement was intended, please support Chuck and Nancy Missler and their efforts of raising up a new generation for the Lord that are willing to become seekers of His word. The full series and other series can be bought at their official ministry’s site:

Two World Views. Evolution vs. Creation: 2:02

Is the Universe 15 billion years old? Was it created in 6 days? Were aging factors built in? Or were the ‘days’ of Genesis geological eras? 8:25

Boundaries of Our Reality: 12:44

The Strategies of Satan, God’s Declaration of War with Satan and the Plan of Redemption: 1:04:23

Chuck Missler Learn the Bible in 24 hours Hour 3 The Pre-Historical Period:…

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